Saturday, December 27, 2008

South Pasadena Float 12 27 08 - 1

Flowers sit in buckets of water in the Bristol Farms trailer, waiting to be put on the float.

The Oaklawn Bridge in the background was built by the famous architects, Greene & Greene, in 1906 to promote sale of homes in the Oaklawn area to which it leads by foot from Fair Oaks Avenue.

Rose Parade's shoemakers.


Cafe Observer said...

That's a whole lotta work going on there just off de freeway.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

I can never be mad at Bristol Farms no matter what.

altadenahiker said...

How interesting! Like to steal a few of those flowers -- think anyone would notice?

Mister Earl said...

It might be difficult before the parade, Karin, unless you stopped by the tent right after the float took off for Orange Grove on New Year's Eve and found some extras. It may be late before the float departs, because the South Pasadena float is the last one in the parade this year.

But if you happen to come around right when they bring the float back from Victory Park a few days after the parade, you can take all the flowers you want... but you better hurry because the good ones go pretty fast.

I'll trade you some stolen flowers for a kippered herring.