Tuesday, November 2, 2010



The Following is from a blog called RocketShoes
by Drew Hoohorst

This is why I’m a Giants fan. This exact moment. Scratch that: this is why I like stupid, grunt grunt sports in general. San Francisco, this very moment.
It’s legitimately a magical time in San Francisco right now. I have the fortune of working approximately two blocks away from AT&T/”For Christsakes, it’s PacBell” Park, and it’s been absolutely surreal. If a unicorn came around the corner and high fived me right now and said, “Go Giants”, I wouldn’t even take an earbud out. I’d just high hoove him right back and point and smile.
For people who don’t understand why people love sports so much, move to a town where this kind of thing might happen, and you’ll get it.
This team has done something to this city that is unreal. It’s even more unreal because this is San Francisco. Home of the polarizing “I hate your district NO I HATE YOUR DISTRICT LET’S MAKE OUT THOUGH BECAUSE WE BOTH LOVE SAN FRANCISCO” landscape. Hipsters hate marina guys. Marina guys hate hipsters. We judge every goddamn thing on the planet that isn’t organic, and then can’t understand why people judge the crap out of us right back (irony alert). I mean…I work down the block from a fucking artisan grilled cheese store. This town is, by no means, indicative of the rest of the American landscape. We’re just weird, and we embrace the living crap out of it.
And right now, everyone is a Giants fan. Everyone. Your grandma. That homeless guy directing you into a wide open parking spot and then expecting you to congratulate him for his non-feat with a dollar. Right now? I’d give him two. Because this town is effing electric.
You know what? To all the people who hate “bandwagon” fans? Let it go. Who cares. You know who you are? You’re the guy who liked the Kings of Leon and then got mad when everyone else did. You’re the guy who said “this band is SO good”, and then when someone said, “hey I agree” you said NO YOU DON’T ONLY I CAN LIKE THEM. That’s silly. Knock it off. Let them in. Buy them a beer, or a kombucha. Whatever it is. I don’t care. Just let this happen and stop Eeyoring the crap out of our unlimited happiness we’re on the brink of.
I love sports for this reason. Every now and then, everyone just stops being so damn frumpy and acts like our city is just a big college. You ever been to a college town that really loves their team a scary amount? Like, Ray Finkel’s Mom amounts? It’s great. You know why? Because everyone is just actually nice to each other. You have a common bond. And whether or not it’s a bond that is contingent upon a guy throwing a ball or waving a wooden stick, it’s an awesome bond.
I love this time. I find myself smiling at people when I buy coffee. I see my friends who bicker over ridiculous crap calling each other and inviting each other to hang out. I see strangers hugging because a guy from the Dominican Republic is hitting sac fly’s. Marina guys are wearing the same goddamn t-shirt hipster guys are wearing. HOW CAN YOU NOT BOTTLE THIS MOMENT UP? We’re in a vacuum. Enjoy it.
I have grown up with the Giants. My brother and I spend half of our “that’s so adorable that they are ACTUALLY best friends” time talking to each other about them; it genuinely brings us together.  It’s in the blood of my family, and I was taught from a very young age to bring a blanket to the ‘stick because it’s never a comfortable temperature in this city. My mother and father brought our family together with this ridiculous game. If you never lived here or you’re just getting on the bandwagon? Let me be your creepy metaphorical father and open the front door and hand you a beer. Welcome. We love you, too.
So fear the Just for Men beard. Embrace the fact that every woman in town is in love with the good guy (THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE). Embrace the fact that we have a pitcher that resembles one of the greatest characters in film history, one Mitch Kramer (he even smokes pot…how San Francisco is that?). Embrace it.
No matter what happens, San Francisco, embrace it. This is why we like sports. Because they are ridiculous, and they make people really happy when we’d usually just bide the time complaining about what we don’t like about each other.
Embrace it, San Francisco. This is why we like each other. Right now.


Virginia said...

Well you know how much I dearly love some baseball. I live and breath it. On my blog tomorrow you can "waller" in it some more.

altadenahiker said...

"My mother and father brought our family together with this ridiculous game. If you never lived here or you’re just getting on the bandwagon? Let me be your creepy metaphorical father and open the front door and hand you a beer. Welcome. We love you, too."

Pour away! I'm with you -- go Giants! (Did I say that out loud?)

Mister Earl said...

My sister reminded us on her Facebook page that she spilled the beans in her talk at my dad's funeral that he gave her her first tastes of beer at a Giants game!

Jean Spitzer said...

Great baby photo. And they are going, aren't they?

BANJO52 said...

This guy is good! Thanks. I've just been posting about a similar aspect of sports, only from the less happy perspective. But he's just as right about the ways sport brings people together.

Nice anecdote about your sister's first sip.

Once upon a time, in July, four of us froze our butts off at Candlestick, but got to see Mays and Aaron.

TheChieftess said...

Go Giants!!!

Mister Earl said...

Banjo: Your butts or your nuts?

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

My bias: I think baseball does what Drew describes better than basketball or football.

I'm also patting myself on the back for not giving Patrizzi what-for about her SF profile pic on FB now that the torture is over.

Enjoy the victory.

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

PS Gotta love the Grateful Dead-Giants combo t-shirt.

Mister Earl said...

I've got a Grateful Dead Giants shirt somewhere in my closet. Have to dig it out.

altadenahiker said...

Hoo-rah! You're a Giants among men.

Steve Scauzillo said...

Yes. As someone who has seen the Giants play at Candlestick and at PacBell now AT&T Park, I salute them and their team of misfits (and The Freak). I also paid tribute to them on my blog, www.templecitydailyphoto.blogspot.com.

Ken Mac said...

thanks for your recent comments re the passing of my mother, much appreciated.

Virginia said...

They have beer at those games? WEll that puts a whole new light on it. I might could sit through a few innings for a some cold beer and a hot dog! Now you're talking.

Birdman said...

Yes, congrats to the Giants! Now, Go Sox!

Virginia said...

When you want to talk National Champions and SEC Football, bring it on BIg Boy! ;)

Above the City said...

Goddamn it still gives me goosebumps.

Couldn't make it up for the parade and it's a huge regret.

Friends said it was the most amazing wave of excitement, celebration, love and fun that day.