Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hahamongna with a Twist

What do you do when you get the day wrong for the Hahamongna Walkabout?  You watch a frisbee golf tournament.  That's what!

Here's what I learned: Frisbee golf is very sophisticated.  Like regular golf, each player has several frisbees that they use for different situations, depending on what they need to do.  There are putter frisbees and distance frisbees and frisbees that curve and frisbees that go straight and frisbees that glide.  Each player carries a bag of frisbees around, just like golfers carry bags of clubs.  These are not your regular frisbees, either.  These are all special frisbees.  Some guys were telling me that the frisbee's characteristics change as they get beaten up, and some of them get better.  It's against the rules to manually alter a frisbee, but changes that occur naturally from using it are ok.  Below is one manufacturer's chart showing all the frisbees it makes and what each one's characteristics are.

A disc golfer goes for the hole, which is that basket thing in front of the red car next to the dumpster.  The disc in mid-air is right in front of the rock behind the red station wagon.

Here's what I came to see to begin with.  Here's the info on the Hahamongna Walkabout scheduled for  February 19, 2011.


altadenahiker said...

Well that entertained all of us. Well done.

Petrea said...

Cool! A perfect example of finding the good in every situation.

I read somewhere that our Frisbee Golf Course is the first in the nation. Of course now I can't remember where I read it.